State of War : Warmonger / 蓝色警戒 (Classic 2000)


Experience immense action, uninhibited destruction and massive explosions in a game that redefined a genre.

Welcome to State of War, one of the most popular real-time strategy games of the early 2000’s. This bundle includes all of the original 22 explosive missions as well as the standalone sequel, State of War: Warmonger, with an additional 16 missions. Get both classic games for the price of one!


– Massive destruction with debris flying everywhere.
– An awesome graphics engine with numerous special FX.
– The strategic element of Air Forces delivering explosive charges to the battlefield.
– An “Advancer” unit, which can take over enemy buildings.
– Realistic natural FX like clouds, smoke and flares.
– Animated cut scenes at the start of each level.
– The best explosions ever!

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